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by international performers and teachers, Liza Wedgwood, dancer, and Tim Garside, musician and percussionist.  

Sunday October 25th at 6pm The Gold Room, Centre for Science and Art, 13 Lansdown, STROUD, Glos. GL5 1BB

flying baladi 5

Tanzwoche-Mittersill_2This is for the curious, for the adventurous, for dance lovers, and musicians of Middle Eastern music. Driving rhythms, yearning melodies, the refinement of courtly classical as well as the earthy complexity of the Egyptian ‘Blues’, it is all in this unusual performance showing the rich but rarely seen diversity of Raqs Sharqi.  

In the improvisational magical moment does the musician inspire the dancer or is it the other way around?

Tickets £7, Cons. £5 from Trading Post, 26 Kendrick Street, Stroud, GL5 1AQ Tel 01453 759116

or from Liza (click contact)

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LOTS OF MUSIC AND DANCE WORKSHOPS AND PERFORMANCES, A WONDERFUL LONG WEEKEND FULL OF COLOUR, SOUND AND MOVEMENT.  I shall be part of the team this year and  delighted to be dancing and teaching together with the musicians MAREN LUEG, CHAS WHITAKER and FRANK RUSSEL of the well known Majaz band.   Do join me  on 29-31 August at Camerton Hall, Meadgate, Camerton, Bath,  BA2 0NL, North East Somerset. 

Have a look at http://www.arabicdrum.co.uk/mideastfest to see captivating photos from  last years festival and to buy tickets.  Day tickets are also available!MidEast-Fest-Flyer-2014



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2011 Dance Week in Mittersill


Classes on Wednesdays 1.45 – 3.15pm in DURSLEY at The Workshop, Courtyard Clinic, The Old Post Office, Parsonage Rd.  GL11 4DR.

Cost   £40 for four classes, or £12 per class

These are General Level Classes taught on the yogic principle of awareness of our inner harmony.  In a relaxed, supportive and pleasurable atmosphere you will learn movements and then use them in improvisational work and  in simple choreographies.  You will learn about the history of the dance and its cultural context in present day Egypt, as well as about costume and music.

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‘Pharaonic Baladi’

Saturday 10th November

2.00 – 6.30pm

Sunday 11th November

10.00am – 2.30pm

Village Hall, Nympsfield nr Stroud, Glos

This is the last workshop in the series of Pharaonic Baladi, the focus for the year.  The theme gives remarkable insight into form and line, the Yang (male energy) quality which is so often missing in our dancing – not just in Baladi. The focus on the geometry of our arms and the juxta-positioning of shoulders and hips gives immense interest and strength.

These charismatic qualities may well have evolved owing to the small amount of room available to dancers in the homes, cafes and courtyards of crowded cities where the fertile melding of Shaabi (music of the country) with other cultures and western influences produced Baladi (urban folk).  Dancers had to give striking performances often in a very confined space.

During the weekend we will be paying attention to integrating line and form into our fluid movements and the Taqsim (improvisational interlude) yet keeping the soft expressive spine – a wonderful balance of the Yin (female energy) and Yang principle.

Cost:   £30  (Beginners 2 hours £15)   £50 for both

Minimum number of participants per workshop is 7

To book a place please contact Liza

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I am starting to rehearse! How lovely to be going back to my old home, St Ives, turquoise seas, fine white sand and my home from home, Tate . . . .

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Saturday 4th August  2 – 6.30pm

Village Hall, Nympsfield nr Stroud, Gloucestershire GL12 3UA

This picture of us gazing in fascination at the beauty of the temple images taken during our Dance & Culture Week in Luxor and Aswan reminds me of the impact the geometry of the figures had on me.  That geometry, that strength of form is the inspiration for these Pharaonic Baladi workshops.  In Gloucestershire in the second of these workshops, we will continue exploring this sophisticated but uncontrived form of Egyptian dance.

Included in the workshop will be discussion on where the dancer would perform this style, what kind of costume would enhance the dance and we will contrast ‘Pharaonic’ with the less stylised Baladi with which we are familiar.

In the teaching I support the student whatever their level, and because the emphasis is always on ease and authenticity, beginners will find the workshops an enjoyable introduction.  Experienced dancers gain confidence and find new inspiration.

Cost:   £30  (Beginners 2 hours £15)

Please book by sending a cheque to Liza Wedgwood – address provided on application.

Contact me for information and any queries

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 ‘Pharaonic Baladi’
Saturday 23 June   2- 6 pm
Sunday 24 June  11 am-3 pm
Village Hall, Nympsfield nr Stroud, GL12 3UA
From the images on the ancient tombs in Egypt we see the geometric contours of gods, priests, pharaohs and queens. The angled shapes give strength to the beautiful  figures which have fascinated down the centuries.
During this year’s workshops in Gloucestershire we will explore these shapes and integrate them into a sophisticated but uncontrived form of Baladi which we call  ‘Pharaonic’. The June workshops will give a thorough basis for Raqs Sharqi arms and will extend the Baladi repertoire for all students. Included in the workshops will be discussion about where the dancer would perform this style, what kind of costume would enhance the dance, and we will contrast ‘Pharaonic’ with the ‘natural’ or more country Baladi with which we are familiar.
Individual workshops have their own focus and can be booked separately. Attended as a weekend and particularly as a year’s project, they offer an intense, deeply satisfying opportunity to integrate the dance physically, mentally and emotionally.  The teaching is holistic and supportive, and because the emphasis is always on ease and authenticity, beginners will find the workshops an enjoyable introduction.  Experienced dancers will gain confidence and find new inspiration.

Cost:   each workshop  £30    (Beginners  £15)
           both workshops £50    (Beginners £25)
I really do have to know numbers, so please book by sending a cheque to Liza, address on application.
Information and Booking   Please click here  Contact
PLEASE NOTE! Next workshops: Saturday and Sunday 4 and 5 August 2012.  Workshops and Events 

**Please tell your friends about the workshops!**

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