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Egyptian Dancing with the Stick Workshop

Saturday 6th December 2014 1.00 – 6.00pm

The Courtyard Clinic Studio (Beautiful warm studio with mirror!)
The Old Post Office, Parsonage Street,
Dursley, Glocestershire. GL11 4DR
(Opposite The Courtyard Cafe and next to the church. The studio is at the back of the small car park)

The workshop is general level. The work on grounding and poise makes this workshop very suitable for beginners. The more experienced will expand their repertoire, find inspiration and deepen their understanding.

Cost: £35 (newcomers 3 hours with break £17)
Please book as soon as you can. 

Erna Froehlich and I returned inspired from our October Dance Week in the Austrian Alps near Mittersill. We had celebrated 20 years of our residential dance intensive in the same cosy farm house with its beautiful dance room looking out towards the glittering white mountain peaks.

Our focus for the week was ‘Stick Dancing’. Erna and I purposefully left this term unqualified to allow for freedom and discovery, not only for students but for Erna and myself.
The fruits of those days were unexpected and inspirational, and they are what I would like to share with you at the workshop.

At first I was disheartened because we did not have enough natural wooden walking sticks for such a large group. The only solution was to use the hooked golden ‘cabaret’ canes which I have never really liked. It was those golden canes however which instigated our journey of discovery and became our inspiration.

I have not yet managed to get a supply of these golden canes, and therefore for this workshop please bring one if you own or can get hold of one. Don’t worry if you don’t or can’t. I will bring plenty of ordinary canes for us to dance with.

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I love this picture of a dancer which Edith Mahlknecht, 80 year old student from South Tyrol, sketched on a postcard for my birthday.Inner Dance Stroud Nov '14


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Dance for pregnancy and new mums in Stroud  2014

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with Erna Frohlich and Liza Wedgwood

in the glorious setting of 

The Gruberhof, Mittersill, Austria

We have been coming here for twenty years to explore and enjoy the many facets of Raqs Sharqi (Traditional and Modern Egyptian Dance)  – for sumptious weeks of dance, meeting friends and dance colleagues from several countries, good food and relaxation in a glorious setting.

Our focus this year is to go deeply into the essence of this extraordinarily beautiful, earthy, yet elegant dance. Here we can experience the excitement of the dance and yet remain peaceful, and stable in our core.  On yogic principles, we focus on body awareness as well as on technique so that our dancing becomes effortless and totally charismatic.  We will work on deepening our understanding of the music and culture of Egypt gleaned from Erna’s and Liza’s travels in Upper Egypt, so honouring the people and particularly the musicians of that troubled land.

Tanzwoche Mittersill 2014

The dance week is for all levels and all women.  The week consists of  dance, body work, one to one help, a party and excursions into the wild flower meadows above the tree line of the mountain peaks.  Beginners will find it a restful and enjoyable introduction to the dance, and the more experienced will find new perspectives, deeper understanding and inspiration for their continued development.

The total cost for teaching and accommodation is 864 Euros – 480 Euros to be paid on application (for the teaching) and  384 Euros in cash on arrival (for accommodation).



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Photo by Mark Robinson 2005

Photo by Mark Robinson 2005

In these workshops we will explore the two ends of the rich spectrum of Egyptian Dance.

SAIIDI, the dance of the people of Upper Egypt (around Luxor), that is where we will begin on Saturday.  Darabuka, Rababa, Mizmar, instruments unchanged over time, will earth us, encourage us to feel the ground beneath our feet, the whole body responding to the energy of the driving, pulsating rhythms and haunting, evocative melodies. It links us to an ancient Egyptian tradition.

Sunday’s CLASSICAL ( SHARQI) workshop will take us to the other end of the spectrum – and even further as we learn the charismatic, refined expression of the COURTLY style of the Classical form.  This was a style developed by Suraya Hilal in the 1980s and 90s and therefore could be considered ‘modern’.  However, as there are practically no records of how women danced to the old classical music of the Arab world we have to assume that the movements that were used were those that best expressed the delicacy of the Kanoun (zither) and Riq (small frame drum).  It is a beautifully refined and very feminine style in which the dancer can be exquisitely simple in her dance or intricately inventive according to her mood.

Earthy and exuberant Saiidi in Hamburg in 2012

Earthy and exuberant Saiidi in Hamburg in 2012. Photo by Madou Reynaud

 There are still places!!  Cost 100 Euros for both days, or one day by arrangement with Linda Mameri



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Workshop 001Free Taster Workshop
Thursday 16 May 2 – 3pm
Introductory Course
Thursdays 23, 30 May, and 6 June 2 – 3pm
Information contact Liza
*  Feel the joy of your body in movement
*  Love the freedom of improvisation
*  Relax into the music
*  Learn about a beautiful rich culture
*  Taught on the yogic principles of awareness                                                                                                  and inner harmony
Cost  £30 for the course
           £12 for individual classes
Venue   The workshop, Courtyard Clinic, The Old Post Office, Parsonage Rd, DURSLEY, Glos. GL11 4DR                       

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Liza Wedgwood Classical 03

20-21 April 2013

The weekend is dedicated to the evocative yearning songs of the great singer, Oum Kalthoum, whom the Egyptian people so loved. The full orchestra of this music requires us to dance the Classical (Sharqi) form, elegant, refined and very expressive.

On Sunday, the Classical veil, the flowing, framing, enfolding of beautiful fabric, will give a further lyrical dimension to our dancing.

Contact  LindaMameri who is organizing the workshops

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Saturday 23 February 1.00 – 5.30 pm

Village Hall, Nympsfield nr Stroud, Glos  GL12 3UA

A warming workshop to ease us into the dancing year.  The Raqs Sharqi style of Egyptian Dance works on integrating movement throughout the body.  That is what gives it it’s charm, fluidity and ‘natural’ ease.  Away with stiff isolations and contrivance!  Instead there will be lots of practice on transitions and on calm, beautiful arm positioning both framing and free, and experiencing its integration from our finger tips to the soles of our feet.  We will work also with the expressiveness of our feet and legs and feeling how this affects the clarity of our hip movements. That should keep the grey and cold at bay!

I support students at their level, and because the emphasis is always on ease and authenticity, beginners will find the workshops an enjoyable introduction.  Experienced dancers gain confidence and find new inspiration.

Cost:   £30  (Beginners 2 hours £15)

Please contact me to book a place

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